Audi A4 b5 Clutch disc and diaphragm separates

Audi A4 b5 Clutch disc and diaphragm separates

Q: you may ask how did this happen! You would probably assume racing.
A: I was going 55MPH on the highway so I was not racing

Q: Were you riding the clutch?
A: Definitely not!

Q: Did you have a defective clutch disc?
A: No

Q: What was the problem
A: Long Story…. I assumed the clutch was fatigued; because of the cars mileage and that it had been auto crossed a couple of times. After that I installed another clutch in the car and put the car back together and did not think nothing more of the clutch
3 & 1/2 months later

I am riding down the interstate cruising at 70MPH, I go to pass a car and the RPMs go up but the car is still coasting The first thing that I think is that it cant be another clutch failure because I just put a new one in. Low and behold it is the clutch again. I start disassembling the car and get back to the clutch and begin to remove the clutch pressure plate and this time I had a partner looking over my work to make sure that I wasn’t crazy. As I am removing the bolts from the pressure plate my partner takes a look at the unit before I uninstall the pressure plate because he thought that he saw something. Low and behold I was introduced to the DMF. You may be thinking whats a DMF. DMF = dual mass flywheel. it is a spring loaded two piece flywheel that is suppose to reduce the damage to the gears in the transmission. it may be a good thought but here is the problem The flywheel is bolted to the crankshaft and when the crankshaft spins the flywheel spins, When you have a bad DMF flywheel there could be chatter or knocking but my two piece flywheel was working out of sync the crankshaft side of the flywheel was sedentary and moved only when the crankshaft moved but the clutch facing piece of the flywheel had to much play in it, it would turn about 1/4 turn before it would tighten up. There is only supposed to be minimal play within the masses when turning maybe an inch and thats it. when you are driving the car like this and when you push the clutch in you are breaking the pieces of spring steel that holds the clutch disc to the diaphragm because the clutch facing mass is still trying to turn even though you have pressed the clutch and eventually all of the pieces of spring steel will break leaving you coasting to a stop.

The dual mass flywheel is supposed to act as one instead of two pieces. When it begins to act as two pieces it is some good metal for your scrap metal pile.
Buy a new flywheel or a good used one. I say a good used one because a new flywheel starts at $700 and a new clutch ranges from $100 and up. I paid about $200 for a new clutch and a good used flywheel and its still rolling to this day. If you can convert to a Single Mass Flywheel SMF do it. Unluckily I am stuck with the AFC 12 valve engine and the conversion kit is too high.


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